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RESTful Pomodori is a simple Rails application designed to help you manage your activities using the Pomodori Technique. Why RESTful? We love RESTing ;) and because of that we are exporting the core functionality of this web site through simple REST services so you can connect to us from other platforms using any clients that understand HTTP. Please visit the REST API documentation for how you can use our services.



A single unit of work measured in Pomodori.

Daily to do list

A short list with activities that are due today. These Activities are aggregated from your projects, and may contain arbitrary activities that you may add throughout the day. This is becoming your home page when you selected the easy mode.




This project is using basic authentication and we’re not enabling HTTPS for this demo. Be warned that HTTP Basic Authentication transmits the username and password in clear text, so you should not use this demo for applications where a higher level of security is required.